What is Fine Dining?

Fine dining usually brings the words dress code, etiquette and expensive to the forefront of most people’s minds. None of that applies to us at THOMPSON St Albans. We do have crisp, white tablecloths, at the request of our customers. However, OUR focus is the finest food and ingredients, creativity and unique taste sensations. Our service is attentive but not invasive, our staff impeccably mannered and our atmosphere relaxed. All of which contribute to an outstanding culinary experience, so that our guests leave feeling pampered, special and very much looking forward to their return.

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THOMPSON St Albans where they love to cook and serve amazing food influenced by the seasons and then love to see their customers satisfied.
Phil Thomson works with the best of the best. In his previous location he achieved the mitchellin star and held it for four years before moving on.
What does fine dining mean to you: unhelpful staff, stuffy or so pompous it leaves you feeling too uncomfortable to enjoy your meal.
This most certainly does not apply to THOMPSON St Albans with the lunchtime set menu at £16.50 for two courses and £21.00 for three courses Monday to Saturday.
The evening set menu is £18.50 for two courses and £23.00 for three courses Monday to Thursday.
The house wine is just £18.50 a bottle with seven other wines at £22.50 a bottle or less.
Now that is fine dining at great value.
The service has not been overlooked either, the restaurant manager and headwaitress are both graduates of hospitality school in Austria, their standards and service levels are impeccable, they are attentive but not invasive and this all helps to ensure a wonderful dining experience.
Don’t take my word for it try it yourself.

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