St Albans Food Festival Opening Night

Tuesday the 22nd of Sept
St Albans Food Festival opening Night 2015The launch, first ever and for one night only…. exclusive event with ingredients fit for and to, celebrate the launch of the St Albans Food Festival 2015.  In support of this wonderful festival Phil Thompson has created a six and an eight course seasonal tasting menu, classic flavour combinations, eloquence, indulgence, offering you a truly decadent experience.

What we want from you… Help us celebrate gastronomy in St Albans, as part of the food festival, our wonderful city with so much variety and breath, THOMPSON St Albans are honoured to have been invited to host this launch evening of the festival.

As a local independent restaurant, we are wholly dependant on local support, delighting and ever increasing the customer experience.  We can’t wait to have you in the restaurant for the first time and then host you as a very valued and much loved regular guest.

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