Kitchen Experience with THOMPSON St Albans

Our Kitchen Experience at THOMPSON St Albans is a fun filled day, making an ideal gift for birthdays, anniversaries, Valentine’s, Mother’s and Father’s Day and of course Christmas. The day starts at 10am with your guest arriving for lunch at 1pm. You will spend 3 hours in our kitchen where you will be introduced to the chefs who will involve you in their daily prep work, explaining how their dishes are composed and how the kitchen runs on a typical day. There is also the opportunity to roll up your sleeves and become part of the team – ‘Yes Chef!’ – getting fully involved in the preparation of the day’s menu. Our chefs are always happy to answer questions but please do let us know if there are any aspects of the kitchen environment or foods that you are particularly interested in at the time of booking. Included in this package is lunch for you and a guest. After a busy morning in the kitchen, you can relax and enjoy our 3 course set lunch, a glass of wine with your guest in our fine dining restaurant. Basic hygiene rules apply, such as flat shoes, hair tied up, closed shoes (no toes on show) and trousers must be worn at all times.

Our kitchen experience is priced at £185.00 subject to availability Wednesday or Thursday. Redeemable dates exclude: Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, Bank holidays & the month of December.

We hope you have a fabulous time and enjoy the banter in the kitchen!




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Kitchen Experience Testimonials

From the moment I arrived, I knew I was in for a special treat. All the staff were very welcoming, very patient and well-informed. The three-hour experience went far too quickly. I even learned a few new tricks to use at home when I am cooking!  Going into the kitchen, preparing a course for my wife and tasting all the wonderful flavours that were used for each course was the highlight of my visit.  If you enjoy cooking, it really gives you an insight into how much work goes into every aspect of your dining experience.  In a word, my lunch was fantastic. It was a pleasure to see all the ingredients being put together and cooked to create the most amazing flavours.

Bill McCarty

I really had fun and Phil was an extremely attentive host. I would highly recommend it even to non-cooks, because I got to taste everything as it was being cooked.  It was very interesting to see how a professional kitchen works. I had a most enjoyable morning with people who are experts but really nice too. Every part of each course was tasty, delicious, carefully put together and beautifully presented.  The service was above and beyond our expectations, as ever. Every person we met made us feel special

Gregg Cory

I had an amazing, excellent experience and couldn’t have asked for a better day. I tried some brilliant food, met some great chefs and it was so much fun. There were so many highlights to my visit that I can’t pick one that stands out.  You really should try the kitchen experience yourself. It is worth every penny.  Lunch was excellent, the best food I have ever tasted, the service was superb, the staff were attentive and made me feel very special.

Jennifer Barden

It was an excellent day, very informative and I picked up lots of advice and skills. All the staff work as a happy team, enjoying what they do and they are always really patient.  I was very impressed by the attention to detail in the preparation of the ingredients. A true insight into a modern high end professional kitchen is how I would describe the experience to someone else. Phil is an inspiration and it was a privilege to be taught by him.  My meal was delicious and full of interesting flavours and textures.  The friendly, efficient staff made us feel relaxed and comfortable.


Absolutely brilliant! The chefs took time to explain the various processes and dishes to me and let me try lots of different foods. The whole morning was even better then I hoped for and I was made to feel really welcome. Thank you! Trying the various balsamic vinegar’s with Phil Thompson was brilliant and so interesting tasting all the differences in flavour. Also loved having a go at filleting and blow torching a mackerel.  It was hands on, interesting and a lot of fun.  My lunch was delicious and beautifully presented. My husband told me his dessert was in his top 5 of all time, with excellent service.

Kate Novak

Not ever having had an experience like this before, I did arrive slightly nervous as I was somewhat out of my comfort zone. It’s one thing cooking at home for friends but a completely different thing going into the kitchen of a fine dining restaurant. However, within minutes I was made to feel relaxed by Phil, Mark and the team. The kitchen itself was smaller than I expected but it was run with military precision and yet in a very relaxed atmosphere. Phil and Mark were very informative on all aspects of the kitchen, the ingredients, the menu and especially the art of cooking. Discussions and advice on stocks, jus, pastry and flavourings. In all honesty I probably should have videoed it in order to help me remember all the information provided.

Quite simply, the nicest thing was Phil offering to talk on the phone should I need advice the next time I cook for a dinner party. Comments like that make you feel incredibly welcome and appreciated.  I loved making the crab mousse tortellini, as this was a real test and something I had never attempted before.  An excellent experience. One I will definitely do again and will also encourage my friends and family to do it. A worthwhile and most memorable day.  Our lunch was exceptional, the food is always top London restaurant quality, just made more fun by the fact I was involved in elements of it.  As with the food, the service was excellent and the staff were all extremely friendly and helpful. Looking forward to my next visit.

Nigel Elliot

I learnt a great deal about the different dishes and difference between a professional and domestic kitchen. The quality of the food was amazing.  The sauces and stocks were cooked for a surprising long time and created such great flavours.  Seeing how a professional kitchen operates is fascinating. Understanding how new technology alters the way you can cook.  Great lunch, beautiful flavours, probably the best pudding I have ever had.  Great service. Very helpful.

Roger Puttig


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