Pancakes St Albans

This year, Shrove Tuesday falls on 5 March 2019. Find out what’s happening on Pancake Day in St Albans, join in some Shrove Tuesday community fun with the St Albans pancake race, and get your hands on some gourmet-style pancakes and crêpes served up by Phil at THOMPSON St Albans.

Pancake Day with THOMPSON St Albans

Why not treat yourself to a show-stopping Shrove Tuesday 3-course meal at THOMPSON St Albans £23.50 per person for 3 courses, with a complimentary glass of prosecco included?

You’ll be amazed at the sumptuous flavours and decadent dishes that Phil has created around the humble pancake. Enjoy red wine braised pork cheek and pan roast fillet of Cornish Plaice given the Shrove Tuesday treatment, finished off with classic Crêpes Suzette, Phil’s personal favourite way to enjoy pancakes.

With a number of tables already booked, we’re likely to sell out so be sure to book a table as soon as possible, to guarantee your Shrove Tuesday dinner.

St Albans Pancake Race

Pancake Day in St Albans promises to be a flipping great day for the whole community. Bring your frying pan and head down to the St Albans Pancake Race, which starts at midday on Shrove Tuesday.

Participants of all ages will walk or run their way to the finish line, raising funds for the local Home Start Herts charity. Chef Phil Thompson can vouch for the fun you’ll have – here he is in action at the 2018 event, perfecting his pancake flipping technique!

Delicious pancake recipe

Want to treat your family or impress a date? For something a little different from the standard pancake, try making Phil Thompson’s Crêpe Soufflé recipe with blueberry compote –   Alternatively, book a table for £23.50 per person, 3 courses with a complimentary glass of prosecco! It’s the perfect way to mark Shrove Tuesday as a special occasion.

What is Pancake Day all about?

Have you ever wondered why we celebrate Pancake Day? Its origins go back to the tradition of having a big feast before fasting for Lent. In essence, today’s practice of eating pancakes on Shrove Tuesday arose out of the need to use up all those tasty store cupboard essentials, such as flour, eggs and fat, that wouldn’t be used during Lent.

Pancakes are a quick and tasty way to whip up an indulgent treat, and there are so many ways to serve them – from the traditional sugar and lemon juice, to more innovative sweet and savoury favourites such as banana and Nutella, and roast vegetables with goat’s cheese.  Whether you fall on the sweet or the savoury side of the ‘Great Pancake Debate’, the basic ingredients are versatile enough to be combined with any topping that takes your fancy.

Because Lent is observed in the 40 days that lead up to Easter, Shrove Tuesday doesn’t have a fixed date. It is, however, always on a Tuesday. And the ‘Shrove’ refers to ‘shrive’ – the process of confessing your sins in time for Lent.