Alfresco Dining on the Terrace at THOMPSON St Albans

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Dining al fresco on the terrace

If there’s one thing we in the UK enjoy even more than complaining about the weather, it’s getting out there and enjoying the summer when it finally arrives. We flock to the coast on our weekends, head to the park for our lunch break, and when enjoying a meal out, only alfresco dining will do!

The Victorian-style courtyard terrace at THOMPSON St Albans has been designed to create a comfortable, inviting and relaxed outdoor dining experience. Trailing ivy, honeysuckle and an array of shrubs and flowers evoke the sight and scent of summer, as guests enjoy the delights of fine dining alfresco.

Alfresco dining – where it all began…

The term ‘alfresco’ stems from the Italian ‘al fresco’, translated as ‘in the fresh air’. While the Italians don’t use it in the same way, here in the UK the term is synonymous with outdoor dining.

Eating outdoors has been the tradition across the warmer European climates for hundreds of years, and the trend spread to America and England in the 20th century. Rooftop restaurants and pavement cafés began in cities like London and New York.

The rise of outdoor dining

With winters in the UK seeming to go on for longer each year, we’re all so relieved to greet the summer so the last thing we want to do is spend it indoors. And of course, the unpredictability of the British Summer means we never quite know where the next sunny day will come from, so it’s great to be able to make the most of it! Cue a huge interest in seeking out the spots that offer a terrace, conservatory or garden in which to relax and enjoy a cold beer, glass of wine, bubbles or cocktail allowing us to soak up the summer weather while it lasts.

Cocktails on the terrace at THOMPSON St Albans

Cocktails on the terrace at THOMPSON St Albans

Alfresco aperitifs

It’s not just food that tastes different outdoors – what better way to get you in the mood for summer than by enjoying a cocktail? We have a selection of seasonal cocktails, unique to THOMPSON St Albans, and deliciously refreshing.  As the ideal accompaniment to your alfresco dining experience, you could be forgiven for trying more than one of these…

  • English Orchard – Tanqueray gin, shaken with apple juice, calvados & Crème de Mûre, served over ice with a cinnamon sugar
  • Vodka Marmal-tini – Grey Goose L’Orange vodka, Cointreau & homemade orange syrup, garnished with mandarin
  • Pretty Please – Cherry Bourbon, Morello Purée, Apple Schnapps & cranberry, shaken over ice and served straight up
  • Poire Pétillante – Poire William & Disaronno twist on a classic champagne cocktail with candied pear

Join us on the Terrace at THOMPSON St Albans

So this summer, whether you’re looking for somewhere special to dine out at the weekend, or fancy a midweek treat that takes advantage of our excellent value set menu options, look no further than THOMPSON St Albans. Our chefs use the best quality seasonal ingredients to create a menu that celebrates the flavours of summer and best enjoyed alfresco style on the terrace, accompanied by a cool summer cocktail.

Give us a call to make a reservation or book online. We look forward to seeing you soon.

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