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Argentinian wine

While they may traditionally have been restricted to the confines of London’s finest, wine dinners are growing in popularity among fine dining restaurants UK-wide. Top local restaurateurs recognise a wine dinner as affording the perfect opportunity to showcase their high-quality food and wine combinations for the benefit of their increasingly discerning diners. As a result, they’re offering guests the opportunity to enjoy the experience that turns a meal into an event. Here we share our insider knowledge on what makes a good wine dinner, and why they’re so popular.

What makes a Wine Dinner?

Put simply, a Wine Dinner is a Tasting Menu, (multi-course meal) in which each course is paired with a different wine. Each course and its accompanying wine are carefully chosen to showcase the often delicate flavours of each pairing. Wine Dinners are often wine region or country or origin specific.  For our Wine Dinner to be hosted on 23rd May here at THOMPSON St Albans, we’ve chosen Argentina, one of the best wine-producing countries in the world and the source of our world class wines.

These evenings are interactive as well as informative; Phil Thompson and his team will come out and explain each dish as it is being served, how the ingredients and flavour combinations work so well together.  We now have many of our guests hooked on these Wine Dinners, booking up for each one in advance and guests on shared tables requesting each other’s company at the point of booking.  It is a wonderful evening for the team as much as it is for our guests.

Why is it so popular?

For a Wine Dinner, the chef will create a bespoke menu that enhances the flavours of each wine and food pairing. Chefs have the opportunity to get seriously creative, as the guests are generally foodies and demand a more challenging menu.  Balanced with fresh ingredients and unique flavours that provide synergy with the accompanying wine, whether it’s light and refreshing, or full bodied to enhance richer flavours. It’s this taste experience that is so appealing to diners keen to treat their taste buds to something new and special.

What makes a good wine pairing?

The key to a good Wine Dinner is getting your food and wine pairings just right – using the freshest, best quality ingredients, and selecting wines to enhance the flavours of each meal. Typically, citrusy white wines such as Sauvignon Blanc pair perfectly with smoked fish and other seafood, and the tannins in red wines perfectly complement rich red meats.

Argentina vineyardWine pairings at THOMPSON St Albans

Here at THOMPSON St Albans we have sourced the single vineyard wines served at our Argentinian Wine Dinner directly from the mountainous region of Agrelo, in Mendoza, Argentina. Choosing an area renowned for its fine wines, and independent vineyards that handcraft their vines, guarantees excellent quality wines for our chef to pair with Phil Thompson’s carefully prepared menu.

Our wine pairings include…

The silky structure of our 2015 Finca Decero The Owl and the Dust Devil perfectly pairs with our slow roast loin of lamb and our world class 2013 Petit Verdot provides a memorable finale to your Wine Dinner experience, complementing our bitter chocolate and cherry ganache.

So, if you love good food, appreciate great wine, and are ready to turn your next meal out into an experience to remember, join us at THOMPSON St Albans for our Argentinian Wine Dinner on Saturday 23rd May for which we still have a few tables left or 12th September for our Australian Wine Dinner. Contact us to book your table.

We look forward to welcoming you.

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